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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brain Port Device-Blind People Will Be Able to See?

Imagine a device, by which blind will be able to see by touching it with their tongue. Certainly, it is a matter of great surprise for many of us. Hence, it is a fact that most things considered impossible in the past are now very common just because of latest technology.

It is expected that a Device that will take support of tongue instead of eyes will be launched in the market till next year. Researchers say that this device will not be an alternate to sightedness, but by means of it a very close concept of surroundings will be derived and movements will become easier for the blind.

The army men can desire for this device those have lost their sightedness due to brain injuries. The design of “Brain Port Device” is like a sunglass in which a very small sized digital camera is installed. This camera resembles a unit of eye phone and is connected to a small electrode panel, which is kept on the tongue. By this panel, tongue receives electric waves like bubbles rising from the soda.

Afterwards these waves reach to the sight relevant parts of the brain where a picture of surroundings is made. The brain make white sketch with the strong electric waves, brown with the weak, and in the absence of any vibration makes dark sketch. This device also has the capacity of zooming.

According to researchers, as a result of touching the device with a tongue an imagery sketch is made on the information received by the sight parts of the brain that produces the similar picture to the people who could see before blindness as if they are seeing by their eyes. Hence according to them scenes are not as clear as are seen from the naked eye.

The by birth vision impaired people say that they are able to create much better brain pictures by this device. The seventeen years old Ketty Shaik, the student of High School is waiting anxiously for this device. Ketty started losing sight soon after birth and lost it completely reaching till the age of two. The parents of Ketty, Andy and Jacky Shaik desire that ketty could move in her room without any help and can cross the road.

The use of this device will provide her freedom to great extent. For the time being they do not know that how much this device will be useful for Ketty, however, they are hopeful. 43 years old Jacky was informed about this device for the first time through discovery channel. They are waiting for the availability of this device in the market since then. The American company Wicab Inc. that is working on this device, its chief executive Abert Backhem says that their company will seek permission from the government to market this device in the coming few weeks.

The researchers working on the Brain Port says that the idea behind this technology is quite simple. People see with the help of their brain and do not from their eyes and brain is capable of making imagery picture by means of waves received from other body parts besides eyes. Instead of using the central nerve of eye, we are controlling the nervous system by tongue.

According to researchers quite positive results are examined during tests and this device is equally useful for the birth blind and who have lost sight after birth.  The neuro-scientist Emy Arnoldson says that vision impaired people become habitual to Brain Port just after using it for 10 hours and can easily move in their surroundings.

It is not clear the usefulness of this device for those soldiers who had lost sight after returning from the wars. Kale Pollack who was serving as a surgeon in Army Medical Department in 2007, took help of a group of army officers before retirement, so as to examine the people having sight problems.

Pollack is now retired from the Army and presently is Executive Director of Focus Center of Vision Restoration in Pittsburg. This is the same place where work is going on upon Brain Port Device.

The National Eye institute of America is providing Fund for this project. The Chief Executive of Wicab Haycum says that the company is in the early stages of this project and it may be possible in coming years to make this device wireless. Brain Port will not be an alternate for eyes, but company says that it will be a better partner for the blind than a supporter dog or stick.

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