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Monday, January 2, 2012

Rabies: A Life Taking Disease Caused by Insane Dog Biting

 Immediate vaccination can enhance the safety chances

Rabies (Hydrophobia) is a disease recognized by Insane Dog biting. In 19th Century the Myxonigripada virus of this disease was revealed. This virus destroys the nervous system while entering into a healthy body. As a result of which a man dies becoming insane. What are the preventive measures of this disease and if anybody becomes the victim of it what should be done is being told in this Article. Be Reminded that International Day of Rabies has been celebrated every year on 28th September in order to make public aware from the consequences of this disease
The Rabies virus travels through nerves and as soon reaches the brain the symptoms of rabies starts revealing one by one. The virus mainly accumulated in the Saliva of a victimized human or animal. The virus affects the nervous system badly and the symptoms start revealing within a week.

Among main symptoms the brain membrane swells and pouring of very much of saliva are included. The patient gets fits of Tatnus and his body stiffens, coming out of foam from mouth, gait alters, wobble in restlessness or lay in giddiness.

In other symptoms medium level temperature, headache, vomiting and hiccups, unable to swallow food, not feeling of appetite or thirst, fear of water, unbearable pain at the bitten place, increasing of fits due to slight essence smell or hearing of noise, low excretion of urine and with pain. Hearing of hidden voices, constant pain in stomach, confusion in brain faculties, escape of sleep at initial stages and after wards overwhelm of giddiness followed by unconsciousness and death occurs in the same condition.

The jaw of victimized patient gets hung out and whoever comes nearer to him he howls whereas the affected wild animal run away seeing a human and if the behavior of such animal turns out to be a pet animal then this is its cleverness and he may bite anytime calling your nearer. 

Normally this disease transfers into human by biting or snapping of claw by a mad dog or mad animal. This disease can also be transferred into humans through dry particles of mad bat excretions. According to statistics 96% of this disease breeds due the biting of mad dog and in bats this disease breeds due to various viruses. This is called Lysssavirus 1 and European Bat Lyssavirus 2 .

The speed of spreading of disease depends upon the distance of affected part from the brain. Adults can tell which animal bit them but little children and dumb cannot tell. If any kind of mark is seen on the body of such people while sleeping or awaking and you get aware of the presence of any bat in the room then it should be understood that bat has done his work. Hence such people should be taken to hospital immediately for vaccination. The symptoms of disease often reveal extending from one week to six months. The death toll of humans and animals due to this disease is highest in Asia. Pakistan is on top of the list. Unfortunately, there is no certain treatment of this disease even in this modern medical science world. However, some lives can surely be saved by Compli Metri Medicine. 

If carelessly the saliva of affected pet or wild animal drops on the handkerchief and face or eye was cleaned by it, even then this disease enters into the body. Therefore, such cloth or handkerchief should be burned out immediately and hands should be washed by anti-germinal medicines.

Sometimes we do not realize the disease in our pet animals and if it bites to any part of the body where there is some scratch, disease is also transferred into the body from that part. Therefore it should be our resort not to fondle so much to the pet animals that they become habitual of licking body. Also keep your pet animals away from wild animals. Often wild animals run away seeing a human and if it is not happening, do not go nearer to it as it is highly expected that it is a victim of rabies.

Likewise such people who work in a Laboratory where some research work is going on rabies virus they should also strictly comply with the health rules and people who keep pet animals and their care takers should also attend seriously to the preventive measures from rabies. 

No matter how much you love your rabies affected animals, it must be avoided. Its behavior before and after would decide its madness. Observe such animals for ten days then decide whether it is mad or not. It is your foremost responsibility to get your pet animals injected against rabies. After getting aware of madness of animals, keep yourself away from it and inform the relevant department immediately so that they can hold it away or kill on the spot.

If mad animal bites, wash the wound with clean water within five minutes then apply tincture iodine on it and immediately take the patient to the casualty department of a hospital, since majority of hospitals do not have separate facility for rabies vaccination whereas tens of humans are bitten by mad animals daily.

If patient is taken immediately to the hospital, vaccination is given around the affected place. Rabies vaccination is given for 14 days in a belly. But now-a-days several types of injections are available to safeguard from this disease. Some injections are drunk while others are injected in thigh or belly. Doctor will inject whatever he deems proper. Besides, it is also your responsibility to inform your local health officer on biting of any mad animal. Immediate vaccination enhances the chances of safety. 

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