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Friday, June 21, 2013

Do Not Lose Your Life ––Wash Your Hands

Combat against germs, before diseases becomes incurable

Combat against germs, before diseases become incurable
Targets must be completed till 2015 for the health and safety of Mothers and Children.
Special Article on the eve of “World Health Day”

The world is celebrating “World Health Day” on 7th April, 2010 with a theme “Combat against germs, before diseases become incurable.”

Although safety from germs and resistance is not a new issue, but this problems is shaping dangerously on an international level. Immediate and untiring efforts are required for its prevention. Actually, resistance against germs is just like a medicine. It is useful when medicines are not affected on diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites like microorganisms. Sometimes these microorganisms take shape of Super berg, and situation becomes more dangerous when these microorganisms become the reason of death. Infections caused by these microorganisms put many people to death. What a pity! Daily 26 thousands and yearly 9.7 millions children die due to these diseases internationally when such diseases could be treated or prevented.

The germs of these diseases enter through breathe or food and take place in the blood. Afterwards their poison makes any part of a body paralyze and reveals in the shape of fatal effects like paralyzing of any body part or ultimately death.  Such diseases affects much in developing nations, whereas developed nations take all possible precautions to make their citizens safe from such diseases.

In developing countries, due to unhealthy atmosphere, such diseases are proliferating at high rate. Diseased mothers give birth to diseased and rather weaker children. While in developed countries ideal health rules are implemented. Diseases like Malaria and Dengi fever are caused by mosquito bite and big reason of mosquito breed is polluted atmosphere and filthy water. Millions of children die due to pneumonia and diarrhoea. These diseases are caused due to intake of improper cooked food or with unclean hands. Stomach and intestinal diseases are prevailing due to stale food and unclean hands. Deaths of newly born infants are also due to infections caused by germs.

There are four big reasons for these diseases.

Number 1 is impure water. Bacteria and Virus are found in filthy water. Diseases like typhoid, Hepatitis and diarrhoea which are caused by impure water make children ill and weaker. Provision of pure water is harder in developing nations. Whereas, lack of education and awareness also make provision of pure water difficult.

Number 2 reason is unclean hands. Unclean hands pave way many diseases especially intestinal. Besides provision of pure water, education and awareness is also required for washing of hands. If there is no supply of pure water and fresh air, it is impossible to keep hands clean. Make washing of hands certain for cooking and before taking meal. Wash your hands with soap after using toilet too.

The third big reason of such diseases is environmental pollution. Breathe and intestinal diseases are caused due to unhealthy atmosphere in and outside the house. Water is essential for the cleanliness of house. Windy house and proper cleanliness saves from pollution. Kitchen is also an important source of pollution. In older times or in rural areas, kitchen used to be farther from other rooms of the house. The fuel used in kitchen did not become the source of pollution.

But in new way of living, flats have made our houses like small boxes, and concept of separate kitchen has been vanished at all. In rural areas people use animal excretion, woods, coals, oil and gas for fuel. The cheapest but harmful fuel is dry animal excretion and the purest is gas. The smoke of animal excretion cause breathe and other diseases. In many houses, in spite of separate kitchen food is cooked and served at the same place for fulfilling two purposes of saving themselves from cold and cooking of food at the same time.

This way of living makes atmosphere polluted and breathe diseases are caused in children. Usage of various types of spray for killing insects is also harmful for health. Environmental pollution takes place by the chemicals present in these sprays. A single cigarette excretes more than four thousands poisonous matters and makes the atmosphere polluted.

In villages men and women smoke Hubble Bubble which makes the atmosphere polluted. First of all it is not advisable to smoke and if necessary, it should be done in an open air. Traffic smoke also makes our atmosphere polluted. Likewise, healthy rules are not applied in residential areas; Throwing of garbage outside houses is very common and is not considered bad.  Dyers, Welders and auto services shops are common in residential areas, which become source of prevailing breathe and skin infections. The bathing of children, in standing water around residential areas also causes many diseases. The system of disposing garbage is upset, due to which many diseases take place.

Fourth important reason for diseases is lack of food and its substandard usage. Due to lack of food and calories, body growth stops and the reason of fewer calories is poverty. In the whole world people use 70% of their income on food, in which people below poverty line are also included. Yearly about 55% children become victim of lack of food and calories. Besides, lack of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iodine and Iron in meals also originates diseases in a body and resultantly body resistance power weakens.

The purpose of dedicating this day internationally with a slogan is bringing awareness among people that diseases which prevail through germs are curable.
Such diseases can be reduced or cured. Simple way of living, abiding health rules strictly, following religious principles firmly, making houses airy in order to save them from pollution, implementing tidiness system in a community, taking of balanced and better food, washing of hands before taking meals, provision of pure water to people, boiling of impure water while keeping other water away are few most important things for reducing or curing such diseases. If we all work collectively, we can save ourselves from such diseases.

Mother feeding is the best way to save children from diseases. It is a complete nutritious meal, which have natural resistance power. Feed children with only mother milk till six months from birth and children should not be brought to any other kind of food during this period. After six months, mother milk should be fed as a part with other food. There is one more misconception among people that in this age (without teeth) a child cannot eat solid food and that his stomach is weaker and soft, thus keeping child away from fruits, vegetables and meat.

On the contrary, he should also be fed fruits, vegetables, meat and other food, but it should be kept in mind that food should be fed after making soft. Often parents in excessive love feed children with packaged drinks, colorful toffees, chocolates and other various kinds of marketed products.  Chemicals present in these kinds of products affects negatively on their physical growth. Such products do not have minerals, which body needs badly, but child appetite vanishes due to their usage.

Resultantly their resistance power weakens. Preventive vaccinated course must be completed to children against such diseases. Children can be saved from various contagious diseases by these preventive vaccines. Fortunately, due to medical science progress treatment of almost every disease is present now-a-days but we can save 9.7 millions valuable lives only after making prevention certain from diseases!!

Yearly topics of “International Health Day”

2010    City life and health. Make cities healthy
2009    Safe life, making hospitals safe in emergencies.
2008    Safety of health from the bad effects of environmental pollution.
2007    Safety of international health
2006    Work collectively for health
2005    Count every mother and child
2004    Road Safety
2003    Shape the future, healthy atmosphere for children.
2002    Mobilize yourself for health
2001    Mental health, stop wastage and pick courage for caring
2000    Start of pure blood, from me….
1999    Activeness in old age, difference is obvious
1998    Safe motherhood
1997    Eradication of epidemics.
1996    Healthy city, for healthy life
1995    Eradication of Polio on international level

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