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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Milk Saves Women from Eye Diseases

Women can keep their vision intact with milk

The research proves that milk contains abundance of Vitamin D, which cures the vision problems in general but especially in women. More than 20 million people are affected yearly with vision problems. Unfortunately, vision problems have no definite treatment yet. The suffering people have to go through Surgery or take medicines. In order to avoid the risk, keep reading this article.

The recent research revealed that Women who use Vitamin D remain safe from AMD. AMD stands for Age-related muscular degeneration. In this disease, the sight of a person affects as the person grows. The reason for this is a bad effect on Macula which is a centre of sight. It occurs due to ruining of Retina and this is the main cause of blindness.

Yearly around 200,000 people are affected due to this ailment and there is no certain treatment available yet. However, the damage caused by this disease can be minimized by Laser Surgery and medicines.

This is a common reason for blindness in people over 50, where the people focal sight diminishes which is required for reading, driving or recognizing faces.

American Research scholars tested 1313 women who were a part of on going AMD research. The experts observed:
The women who were taking higher Vitamin D had lesser risk by 59 % of this disease as compared to women who took little amount of Vitamin D.

But a report published in Medical General has said that this safety was obvious in women who took Vitamin D in the shape of supplement or diet.

The time passed in sunlight does not minimize the risk of this disease. Although, sunlight is the most important source of Vitamin D, since human skin generates Vitamin D from the reaction of sunlight. The participated women in this study acquired Vitamin D from milk, fish, margarine and serials etc. In the previous research it was thought that excess use of Omega 3 Fish Oil prevents deterioration of sight.

The Doctor Amee Millan of Buffalo University of New York led the scientists during this research. She said, “Still further studies are required to exactly know the performance and state of Vitamin D and endorsement of coordination between genetics and life style. Only after that we will be able to say something for sure.”

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