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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Autism Affected Children Need Nothing Else Only a Little affection

The World Autism Day is celebrated on April 12, every year for enhancing the people's awareness.
Autism is actually a name of disorder in the human growth or abrupt condition of brain’s growth. Its symptoms can be apparent any time in the first three years of child’s birth. Autism affects the social and communicative faculties of brain.

In dictionary the meaning of Autism is “totally centralized or mental condition non-harmonious with the outer world, which is normally present by birth.” In short it is a name of human inborn condition which relates to abnormal chemistry and biology of brain.

However, solid reasons of Autism could not be sought till yet. Research work is going on and hereditary reasons are considered important in this respect. The statistics about exact numbers of Autism victimized people are not available even in a developed country like America.
On the other hand according to the report of Prevention and control on diseases centre of America the numbers of Autism victimized people are increasing. But it is not clear that it is happening due to suffering people or due to increasing facilities and capabilities of its diagnosis. Boys are 3 to 4 times more likely to be affected by this disease as compared to girls

Hence there may be any reason for its prevailing, it is an important human problem and considering its severity, its awareness world day has been celebrated every year on 12th April.

There are reasonably better statistics of the Autism victimized people in USA and Canada. According to these statistics 3 to 6 children can be victimized of this disease per every thousand. Its relation with the family’s financial condition, education or life style has not been proved yet.

Autism is in fact a pause or disorder in the normal functioning of brain which is called pervasive disorder. Other pervasive developmental disorders are as follows which some people try to connect with Autism due to lack of knowledge:

1)      Asperger Syndrome: Its symptoms are like Autism but the speaking power of its victimized people grows normally.

2)      Rett Syndrom: It is totally different from Autism and only women get victimized of it.

3)      Childhood Disintegrative Disorder: This condition is rare and its victimized children reaching at the age of 10 learn many things and skills as compared to harm caused by it.

4)      Pervasive Development Disorder, which hinders the growth. It has not been categorized separately. It is also called a typical Autism.

It is neither disease nor psychological disorder. It reveals due to any carelessness or mishandling during pregnancy. Care or training after birth could not be held responsible for its occurrence. First of all Dr. Lew Keez told the world in 1943 about its facts. It is found in every part of the world regardless of cast, color or creed.

The victimized children go through the normal procedure of learning and speaking in the first 2 years, but reaching at the age of 3 suddenly or gradually lose these faculties. Every victimized child is different from other Autistic child. That’s why Autism is given a name of such condition in which much vastness as regard to symptoms and characteristics is present.

Autism remarkably appears on such brain parts that are naturally responsible of upbringing of faculties responsible for learning, understanding, speaking and changing of attitude according to circumstances. That’s why such children lack behind in talking, playing, understanding and reacting properly to the surroundings like other children and are unaware of their social ethics. These children could not feel the danger. For e.g. standing in the mid of the road or climbing any higher place without any fear of falling etc.

It’s a life long condition. Autistic children also posses the learning and understanding faculties though in different manners and therefore Autistic children also learn several skills except for study.

According to recent research of America, 1 out of every 150 children is an Autistic in America. The reasons of it are still unknown, but research is making hereditary responsible.  If one child is Autistic in a house, there are more chances of other children being Autistic.

The diagnosis of Autism is not possible till yet with any test. However, experts diagnose Autism with the help of thorough observation of child’s behavior, information sought by parents and special checkup. If child is victimized of Epilepsy along with Autism, he should be consulted to the Doctor.

The Autistic children apparently looks like normal children but their behavior makes them different from others. These children use to repeat their few actions again and again or remain involved in any self made game and continuously repeat it. For instance, revolving a rope continuously, tearing a tissue paper or plain paper into pieces, moving these paper pieces by hand or watch them flying, climbing the back of chair or sofa and struggle to keep standing on it. Keep running here and there or repeating any action again and again, repeating the same talk again and again.

These children very soon become habitual of any certain environment and do not like any change in it. For e.g. returning home by the same passage, taking sleep covering with the same blanket, continuously playing with the same toy etc. Since Autism affects those parts of brain which are responsible for natural learning and understanding of a child, that is why teaching such children is rather different and difficult.

Experts have set many programs for special education of such children, which are taught considering the interest, inclination and child’s learning ability. Since these children resist greatly in any change in the norms, therefore, it is better for parents to make such children habitual of normal chores of life from the very beginning. For e.g. feeding habit, sleeping and awakening timings, loneliness or using the toilet etc.

Prominent symptoms of Autism

  1. Child does not respond on calling his name.
  2. Cannot speak, or if speaks, utters incompletely, insufficiently with disorganized words or sentences,
  3. Could not make you understand, what he wants.
  4. Could not follow instructions.
  5. Neither hint at any direction nor see your hint direction.
  6. Likes moving round and loves to watch revolving things.
  7. Could not return the smile.
  8. Keep laughing for long without any reason.
  9. Always involved in his game. Neither participates in other children’s game nor pay attention to them.
  10. Do not see in the eyes of the speaker.
  11. Becomes habitual of any one thing, toy, game or plain paper and repeats that thing again and again.
  12. Extraordinarily mobilized. Keeps running every time or keeps walking here and there in the house.
  13. Could speak some words initially, but could not speak the same words after a while.
  14. Express much irritation or show much anger.
  15. Keep involved in himself and does not pay heed to others.
  16. Sometime it feels that the child is deaf.
  17. Sometimes attend to you and sometimes neglect totally.
  18. Could not say goodbye, good morning or Ta Ta by his hands.
  19. Walk on toes.
  20. Play with rope or tear tissue paper or plain paper into small pieces and play with them.
  21. Loves to keep things in a row or keeping them one over other.
  22. Despite sitting on a chair or sofa, tries standing on their back.
  23. Resist tremendously in change of any routine work.
Our Responsibilities

The treatment of Autism has not been discovered yet. But timely diagnosis, special attention and affection of parents, encouragement of family members, special education and eradication of negativity (gazing Autistic children, unsuitable questions from the parents etc.) from the society can bring a remarkable change in such children and these children can pass a better life.

These children deserves ours, yours and of the whole society’s encouragement and love. We should open our hearts for them and should adopt positive attitude. The positive attitude of the society certainly helps getting Autistic children out of their shell and parents from inferiority complex. Give room to these children among yourselves. Though the styles of such children are different, even then they want to mix up and play with other people of the society like us. It is also our moral duty to make the people aware of Autism in our surroundings.

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