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Monday, April 4, 2011

Smoking and How to Quit?

Smoking is injurious to health. There is no doubt in it. But unfortunately, people get stuck up in this bad habit due to certain reasons. Among which bad company comes on top of the list.

At an early age, we inadvertently indulge in this bad habit, which by the time becomes our stubborn habit and almost impossible to get rid of it, when nicotine becomes part and parcel of our blood and when we do not provide that nicotine to our body, our mind and body starts collapsing and shouts loudly for its provision.

One should bear in mind that it is slow poisoning, which does not show its affects immediately but slowly and gradually effects our heart, lungs, mind and body which leads to cancer and eventually death. 

Elders acquire this habit when they come across some knotty problems in their lives and could not resolve them. They want to escape from their problems and seek salvation in smoking which apparently diverts their attention from problems for the time being. When they are not attentive to their problems they feel relaxed. But this is a temporary escape from problems not a permanent solution. Again and again they repeat the same process unless becomes habitual. Actually they need some psychologically support which they find in smoking.
In this scenario, it could easily be understood that Tension is a big cause of smoking which breeds from the unresolved issues. So, if we are able to remove Tension from our lives we could also get rid of smoking. Tension is created from the unresolved issues, so what one can do to resolve the knotty issues while they are in pending status.

Answer could be to do your best whatever is in your control and leave the results on Almighty God, who is the most beneficent and the most merciful. Remain consistent but in your limits in resolving the issues in your lives without allowing yourself to be discouraged from the temporary setbacks.  

Rest assured sooner or later a day will come when you will reap the rewards of your sincere efforts. It provides you confidence in resolving other similar issues of life. Our life is a test, it is only a test, and one after another you will come across problems and challenges. We humans need to face the challenges of life in spite of escaping and finding relief in smoking or any other bad habit.

When we change our attitudes from negative to positive, we can also alter our lives accordingly. When you succeed in making your habit of looking always to the bright side of a picture, there will be no tension and your desire for smoking will also die itself, without making any extra effort from your part. Just keep tension away from your life; you will definitely be a fruitful and better person for a society.

Other solution could be to build your will power against this bad habit. If you unfortunately become habitual of this bad habit, it would not be easy to abandon this bad habit overnight. It requires proper planning, time and practice in order to get rid of it. As it took time to become habitual so it will take some time to quit too.

First of all count the number of cigarettes you smoke a day. Let’s suppose 20. Continue to smoke 20 cigarettes, the whole next week neither more nor less than 20. Enjoy your smoking the whole week. Remember tension is a main cause of smoking; we need to keep ourselves away from tension, which pave way the desire of smoking in our heart. After enjoying smoking the whole week cut down one cigarette i.e. 19. Now enjoy the whole week smoking 19 cigarettes. Likewise cut down one cigarette every week and in 20 weeks you will have enough will power to get rid of smoking completely from your life.

During and after leaving the smoking habit, keep yourself reminding its bad affects on your health and happiness. Keep yourself away from the smokers’ company rather seek the company of religious people and reading religious literature. Never allow your mind to be vacant rather keep doing some positive work related to your most desired goals. Define and focus on your positive and healthy goals rather than on smoking. Sports can also be very beneficial for a smoking person.

In this way not only, you will get rid of smoking but also achieve great horizons in life. 

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