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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Varicose Veins

Bulged veins are called varicose veins. These swelled veins on arms and legs look awkward. Seemingly there is no apparent problem with the effected person but they become restless.

Our heart with the help of arteries pumps the blood into the whole body among which important are head, arms and legs. Afterwards this blood through little capillaries spread all over the body. These capillaries established a network. Again this blood through big veins returns back to the heart.

Arteries are rather thick and flexible and their size keeps on shrinking or growing due to blood pressure and pulsation of heart. On the other hand the walls of veins are very thin and there is no flexible fiber in them. That’s why they can not shrink and cannot push the blood upwards. These veins totally depend on surrounding muscles and valves present inside the veins, which helps the blood reaching to the heart.

Varicose or bulged veins are those which are permanently broadened and even turned round. Although this condition can be happened on any part of the body but normally this mostly found in the legs.

In veins there are valves after every few inches, which help the blood flow towards heart against gravity. If these valves get leaked, the rising pressure stops the blood from being exiting in a right way. These valves can be leaked or failed due to chronic disease called thrombophiebitis. This increases pressure on the Pelvis as a result more pressure is exerted on the lower side of the body due to pregnancy or some other reason.  The problem of varicose veins develops with the rising age and there is nothing to worry about except they look awkward.

The risk of bulging veins occurs when there is some problem in pregnancy. It also happens due to family history. This condition increases the menstrual periods in women.

In case of varicose veins, one feels heaviness or fatigued in the legs, especially when standing. Sometimes strange feeling occurs like something is crawling. Sometimes, pain also occurs in the night which can lead to swelling. As this condition remains, pain also increases. The reason for this is incomplete circulation of blood in the legs. Due to this condition, secretion gathers in the legs. Consult the doctor immediately in this case. Besides, if someone feels itching in these veins in the day time or feels difficulty working in the standing position or disturbed sleep in the night. In this case consult the doctor immediately and if necessary get the treatment.


The legs should be given rest as much as possible and be kept upwards. In normal cases, less flexible and pressurized socks should be worn. They can provide relief. But, bulge veins would not be treated by it. If weight is much, proper attention should also be given to this.

One may go into surgery in case of Phlebitis (the burning of veins’ walls), Eczema, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Bugled veins can also be presented on other parts of body besides legs which are: Oesophagus (the tube between throat and stomach), Pelvis, Uterus (Womb), Vagina, Scrotum and rectum (last part of large intestine). Haemorrhoids (the warts of piles) can also be considered bulged veins. The affected people by varicose veins mostly use old traditional ways for its treatment. The varicose veins disease is not a disease itself but one can feel itching and disturbance. Such people should consult their doctor, so that he can tell whether treatment is required or not.
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  1. In case of varicose veins, you can feel the heaviness or fatigue in the legs, especially while standing. Sometimes strange feeling that something happens is rampant.


  2. The varicose veins are mostly be appear on the legs in small patches and than cover the larger area. This veins are painful and are blue in color. The varicose veins surgery is best option to get these vein removed.

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