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Sunday, May 1, 2011

24 Hours of Fasting Reduces the Risk of Heart and Diabetes Illnesses

According to a recent research in America, it is manifested that if you keep fast any day in a month on continues and regular basis can reduce the risk of heart and diabetes illnesses.

In respect to this study, doctors studied the health reasons of more than 200 residents of the American State Ota. It has been the tradition of these residents for a long time that they remain emptied stomach at least once in a month and restrain themselves from eating or drinking anything on that particular day.

The experts screened and X-Rayed these people. It was revealed that the people who did not keep fast for a day had found with arteries 75 % thin as compared with people who kept their stomach emptied for a day. On the other hand the thin and stuck arteries disturbed 63 % of those people who often ignored eating food.

It was also said in the conference of American College of Cardiology that as a result of fasting around 50% complaints of Diabetes has been reduced. In order to make sure that these results were not only for people whose life style or way of living was healthier and who used to keep fast too, the experts had gone through another study of people who were not regular faster.

Volunteers have been arranged for this purpose. They did not eat or drink anything for 24 hours except for drinking water. They have to go through the series of Health checks in this regard too. They were also tested when they ate in a normal way. The tests manifested that fasting has increased or motivated the human growth hormones.

It must be clear that the growth hormones increases the human metabolism (the process of becoming diet a part of body)  process and burn the excess fat or oils from the body. These ranges increased in women by 13% and in men by 20%. We all know that decrease in fats and oils, reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Fasting becomes the reason of increased cholesterol, and when fasting was broken, their level comes to normal again. Therefore, doctors have emphasized that still further studies are required. Only after that they can suggest fasting to patients. By this time we cannot suggest fasting.

On the other hand, the food specialist Ema Williams says, “I will not show any hurry in starting a fasting, because this is a very dim and unclear condition of human body under which the body reacts. This condition is still unknown and we cannot say anything for certain in this regard for now. After having further research in this regard, we would be able suggesting anything for final.”

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