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Monday, May 16, 2011

Abnormal Children Birth Rate is Higher in Elder Women

Abnormal children birth rate is higher in elder women
In case of Abortion, there is no difficulty in conceiving again
The problems of Twins are equally two fold from birth till grown up

Precautions for the Pregnant Women

As soon as any woman gets pregnant, she should consult the doctor immediately. Blood, Urine, Ultrasound and various normal tests are useful. Ultrasound tells us whether the pregnancy is at the right place, whether it is one or more than one. It can be known by the Ultrasound that what kinds of medicines are needed for a pregnant. There are some medicines which are must for the pregnant. For the first three months they are given Folic Acid and after three months good iron and calcium is given. Therefore, it is essential to have a Special Ultrasound in the beginning and second Ultrasound in the fifth month so that if there is any abnormality in the child, parent could get aware of it well before.

It is not required to take heavy food during pregnancy. Just take balanced diet with much protein and less fat. Along side use excessively milk, fruits and fresh juices. Minerals and some supplement should be used as per doctor’s advice.

There are many complexities in pregnancy in women, which can be divided into various phases. In the first phase there are great chances of Abortion. Second problem is conceiving out of the womb. This is a very sensitive situation. Third problem is conceiving more than one pregnancy. Fourth problem is deteriorating pregnant’s own condition which includes excess vomiting and suffocation. The chances of abortion increases if the mouth of womb is weaker in any woman, Abortion can also takes place in the middle or it leads to blood pressure.

If the Placenta of a child is at the wrong place means near the womb or ahead, the blood could leak from there. These problems can be carried forward in the third phase, which includes blood pressure and pains of placenta. In this phase often mothers have problem whether the child is erect or curved and the problems of maternity starts here.

1% to 2% women face the risk of high blood pressure. If checked regularly, this problem will never occur. Social problems are also associated with pregnancy. In case women would not get attention from husband, family or society, she could face high blood pressure. Anemia problem could also appear due to lack of appetite and these factors can lead to death.

It is a myth that if first pregnancy is destroyed, second one is complex to conceive. There are equal possibilities of abortion in the second pregnancy of a woman whose first was destroyed as compared to any other women. There is no truth in the saying that if the very first pregnancy results in abortion, there can be any difficulty in conceiving the second one.

Birth of Double Trunk Children

In Twins pregnancy, at a certain point the twins have to separate genetically. For this medicines are not necessary. This happens naturally. There is no connection of this procedure with standing or sitting, eating or marrying with the cousin of the pregnant.  

Reasons of Twin Birth

The reason of twin children can be due to genetically reasons but geographical limitations also affects such as in African and West Indian women the rate of twins children is higher. Medically the reason for twin birth is that sometimes two eggs get fertilized means after conceiving the initial pregnancy, an egg coming from other side gets fertilized. Sometimes, there is only one pregnancy but due to cell division after some period it becomes two.

The risks in twin births is two fold for the mother for instance Diabetes, Blood Pressure, possibilities of dying of children in the mothers womb, abnormal deliveries, all these problems becomes two fold in case of twin pregnancy. There are complexities in delivery too.

Womb Operation

Womb operations have been increased due to awareness in women. Among other reasons, the excess of menstrual blood is also apparent which lead to ulcers in the womb or odenomyosis or muscles of the womb widens. Due to these reasons many defects develop in the womb. Therefore, it is better to remove the womb. If family is complete then the womb is removed otherwise only uterus is removed and womb is not removed.

Abnormal Children

The birth rate of abnormal children is directly related to women age. In 35 years of pregnant women there is possibility of 1 abnormal child out of 365. Likewise in 40 years of pregnant women it is 1 out of 100, whereas in 45 years of pregnant women it is 1 out of 25.

Anophelia, floppy baby syndrome, diseases of liver and enzymes etc. can transfer from mother to the child.

The rate of operated deliveries is 25% and normal is 75% in the world.

The pregnant mother is operated in the following cases

  • When the position of a child is not normal,
  • Uterus problem
  • Blood pressure or diabetes problem to the pregnant
  • The problem of child’s heart palpitation during pains to the pregnant
  • The mother’s own wish for operation in order to avoid pains.
If blood pressure is already higher in a pregnant and when delivery pains start, the blood pressure will rise even higher, which can lead to heart attack. Likewise if sugar is not in control and cholesterol starts passing though urine, then operation becomes must.

The mother recovered in 3 to 4 days in a normal case and 7 to 10 days in case of operation. It is required that mother should be given balanced diet and good medicine after the delivery.

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