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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beating Heart Surgery

The most modern way of coronary artery bypass operation

Angina (the chest pain) is the most common disease. Different ways are being adopted to control it for centuries. But the period before 1960 was not good for this common disease. The Angina patients use to bear the pain in the chest silently and often came across to heart attack as well. But in 1960 the new sun rises in this field. The name of this new sun was “Coronary Artery Bypass Operation.” The Medical fields turned a new leaf when in 1960 this innovative operation succeeded tremendously in controlling the Angina. Even today this magical operation is going on very successfully. There is still no alternate to coronary artery bypass operation to control the Angina.

In 1996, the Coronary Artery Bypass Operation met another landmark, when the expert surgeons invented new way to operate Coronary Artery Bypass. This way is called “Beating Heart Surgery.” Today Beating Heart Surgery is the most successful way of operating Coronary Artery Bypass. The purpose of this Article is to make you aware of the Beating Heart Surgery. But it would be useful to make you aware of the traditional Coronary Heart Bypass Operation briefly before telling details of the “Beating Heart Surgery.”  

Before, 1960 Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery was not possible because surgery could not be carried out on the beating heart and in other words heart could not be stopped, since life totally depends on its beating. In 1954 a machine called “Heart Link Machine” was invented to overcome this problem. As it is obvious from its name that one part of this machine serves the function of the heart while other as the lung. This invention made it possible to operate the heart by stopping it and the circulation of blood could be handed over to this machine during operation. The heart link machine was the milestone in the heart surgery.

It was made possible by this machine to carry out heart operations successfully. It was only due to this machine that millions of successful operations were carried out every year in the world. But by the passage of time the surgeons felt that although the usage of heart link machine does not cause any harm to the majority of patients but complexities can be brought up in some patients, which are as follows:

According to the research of the famous scientists “Stump and Rory”, the heart link machine can lead to:

  • Paralysis attack in 1 to 5% patients.

  • Kidney may get failed in few patients.

  • The heart link machine can put bad effects on the functions of the lungs.

  • During and after operation much blood is wasted by the usage of heart link machine.

Although the average rate of such patients is very less and the operation carried out by heart link machine is the safest and successful for the majority of the patients but improvement for the betterment is the basic element in the nature of human. The fruit of this research was reaped in 1996 in the shape of Beating Heart Surgery.

In America and Italy this year after the research of many years, instruments were developed to carry out operation on the beating heart, which are known by the names of start fish and octopus these days. These instruments made it possible to carry out coronary artery operation on the beating heart as successfully as was done by the heart link machine.

As in 1960, the invention of Heart Link Machine turned a new leaf, now-a-days the Beating Heart Surgery is very popular in the field of Heart Surgery. This is such a wonderful way of Coronary Artery Surgery that it has eliminated the risk of paralysis, failure of kidneys, the drawback in the function of lungs and excess blood wastage. The success ratio of this beating heart surgery is almost 100% and all the surgeons of the world are proving it.

According to the research of famous heart surgeon Kaylie Furay of Italy, the beating heart surgery is the most successful way of operating Coronary Artery Surgery in this modern age.

One of the advantages of beating heart surgery is that since heart is not stopped during operation, the patient recovered very soon. In this regard the American famous Heart Surgeon James Hart says, “I can very easily tell during ward round about patients who have been operated by beating heart surgery by viewing unique brightness and freshness on their faces.”

The most important benefit of Beating Heart Surgery is that the cost is less than traditional open heart bypass operation. The traditional Open Heart Surgery requires many disposable things for operating through Heart Link Machine, whereas in Beating Heart Surgery no such things are required. Likewise, the cost on Beating Heart Surgery falls down and due to this reduction that majority of patients now can take advantage of this most modern way of heart surgery.

Now tell us, what else heart patients require, the most modern and successful operation, elimination of complexities and cost is also reduced.

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