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Monday, May 16, 2011

Computer Vision Syndrome

This disease is not found in the text books
One can save from it by taking precaution in the use of computer

Now-a-days a new disease with the name of Computer Vision Syndrome has been becoming common. It is caused by continuous use of computer for hours. In the medical terminology this disease is called “CVS”. The disastrous rays coming out from the computer screen affects eyes insidiously and one cannot get acquainted of it.

People who use computer for three hours or more their eyes and eye “Retina” becomes weaker. In this disease symptom like tiredness of eyes, dimness in the vision, seeing of two things instead of one, redness in the eyes becomes apparent and the tubes keeping eyes moist becomes dry. It is better not to use computer continuously for hours. After hour or two, wash your eyes with fresh water.
No one can deny the fact that in the modern age computer has become the part and parcel of our lives. The world knowledge and communications are just one click far away. As the use of computer is increasing the new diseases and problems are also taking its place. According to a research, people who use the “Video Display Terminal” are victim of eye diseases more than those who do not use “Video Display Terminal”. The continuous use of Computer increases burden on the eyes and eyes problems are increasing accordingly. According to different statistics the “VDT” users have 75% to 90% eyes problems.

According to American Optometric Association many people becomes victim of eye and sight diseases due to excess computer usage. For instance the disease of Computer Vision Syndrome has come into existence.

People who uses computer for 6 to 8 hours daily without any break get caught to this disease soon. It is a natural phenomenon that due to blinking, eyes remains moist. Hence by using computer the eyes remain focused on the monitor which cause hurdle in the blinking due to which the Cornea affects adversely. Avoid constant computer usage and blink eyes while using computer. However, protected shield can also be fixed on the computer screen. Whose eye sight is weaker, should use multicoated number glasses and whose eyesight is not weak should use multicoated glasses without number.

Though there is no mention of this disease in the text books, it doesn’t mean that this disease is not present at all. In this disease eye drops are given to keep the ratio of moist constant in the eyes. However, this disease is of temporary nature and can be cured with better treatment. And to prevent this disease in the future, computer should be used carefully.

It can be useful to shut or blink eyes after every hour or half hour of computer usage. Focus on other things while working on computer, whereas the usage of Antiglare glasses is also beneficial. Human 80% learning process depends on eyes, which clears how much sight is important in our daily lives. One must consult the doctor instead of ignoring any minor pain in the eyes because there is no alternate to eyes.

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