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Sunday, May 1, 2011

“Confidence” is the First Step of Success in the Life!

Every thing is not received just presented in a plate!
Only hard work, struggle and commitment drives you forward!
Develop your confidence and put confidence on others!
Confidence is a Strong Foundation!

The flying goose in the extensions of sky ridicule the crocodile stuck in the mud but when the same goose stuck in the mud, this time the ridiculing turn is of crocodile. Every day is not the same and life does not go straight in one way. There comes many turns in life and on each turn there is a woman too. Do not make mockery of women love, because it is possible that you find salvation in their lap, because everybody adore women, disregard to which relation or emotion he belongs.

It is a human nature that a person continues to move ahead in life, everybody is desirous of putting anchors on the stars. Human keep struggling to climb the ladder of success, then at last moves forward. It is important to get informed how the successful people achieved success in life. The most important factor is their commitment, staying with it and with the help of truthfulness, tenacity and honesty they achieved success.

We do many promises, and make claims of doing many works in our daily life, some are of common nature, such as willing to meet somebody, but could not attend to it due to other commitments. But some things are of special nature in our lives. It is a demand of wisdom and intellect to fulfill all the promises which we have made with others, so that people trust on us and keep trusting on us. This is a first landmark of success or first block on which the strong foundation of success could be built. Moving forward should be our objective.

Our respect and credibility is attached to our words, whether we keep our words or back out of our promises. People are recognized by it. Keeping promises, staying on it and acting on it, is the first door of training. People are groomed earlier since childhood, and then at last they are rewarded. The childhood training becomes instinct. Unfortunately, our problems develop due to the scarcity of these factors, which includes not keeping promises, wasting and losing of time is easier but bringing it to use is though hard but not impossible.
When you make promise with anybody, then it is must to keep that promise. It is rather easier to make promise after thorough thinking than backing out at the last moment. Therefore, it is important to cool mindedly decide before making a promise.

Priorities in life are also most important in our lives. You must think what to do today. How important it is. The lost time can never be recovered. Whatever you can do today, cannot be put off till tomorrow. By the rising age the capabilities, strength and will power continue to deteriorate. The instant decisions are decisive and successful. If you have a passion, never lose courage. Feel your priorities yourself, that where are you standing now today and where will the coming future demands take you to. Who has seen tomorrow, step forward today. The need of the best planning for doing work cannot be denied.

Examine all the aspects so that any thing might not become the hurdle of your way. Excess thought also make the mind stuck. We become week sticking in the doubts and uncertainties. Believe in God, Make use of His gifted hidden capabilities and get the key of success. You do not get everything presented in the plate. Struggle, dedication and effort can move you forward. Make these rules your mission in life. Make your plan and start your work after choosing the best direction. It is possible only when your struggles and direction do not contradict each other. If you are feeling hurdle again and again, discuss with your well-wisher definitely. Ask from God, He will certainly provide your mind a solution.

Likewise after overcoming the weakness in your way of reaching your objective, start over again. The truthfulness, God’s help, interest in work and time demand can provide you a required thrust for moving forward. As it is said, “One day life of a lion is better than 100 years life of a jackal.” Become valuable for yourself and also see the appreciation gloom in other’s eyes.
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