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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Lack of Sleep, Humble People Affects Much

According to American Military Research, the lack of sleep affects much to people who are humble and talkative people instead of silent people. 36 volunteers were hired for research. They were kept 36 hours sleepless. Since they were kept in a Hall, the humble people mix with each other whereas, the silent natured people liked to live alone. It was noticed that silent people did not face difficulty in wakening and their performance also remained better too in other tests performed later.

Two groups of 18 till 39 years age people were made during experiment and were made awake for the said period. Both type of groups were kept involved in different types of exercises and simultaneously testified for examining their wakening power. It was examined during experiments that very social people when kept alone, they too didn’t feel much difficulty and in spite of being social, and remaining away from people, their brain parts responsible for keeping them active didn’t get exhausted. 

The scientist of Walter Red Army Institute of Maryland says that people related to Army who do not get enough sleep for hours due to their professional responsibilities. Not only their personalities help them doing work smoothly without proper sleep but also their social abilities and the shifts system plays an important role.

The reason for bad relations is lack of sleep

According to Britain Health organization “Mental Health Foundation” lack of sleep is a disease, which treatment is essential. It is said in the “Great British Sleep Report” issued by the above mentioned organization that there is relation among lack of sleep and bad relations, lack of energy and lack of concentration power. It should be clear that Medical Science has already proved that lack of sleep is one of the reasons of depression, lack of resistance power and heart diseases. Remember, it reveals in a survey that in Britain more than 30% people are victim of lack of sleep.

An online survey was carried out for the preparation of this report. About 7 thousands people help was sought. It is said that in Britain this was the biggest survey of its kind. People who were worried about their lack of sleep showed much interest in the survey. However, this research could not reach at a certain point, but it helped understanding the lapse between sound sleep and lack of sleep. The research made it clear that people who are victim of lack of sleep, faces difficulties by 4 fold in maintaining a relation; there is a room for depression by 3 fold and again by 3 fold difficulties in focusing the attention.
The senior researcher “Dr. Deen Robothom” of Mental Health Foundation says that there is much more chance of mental diseases to people who are the victim of lack of sleep. Therefore, it is essential to create consciousness in the people. 

Sleep More, Reduce Weight

Dieting is certainly a difficult work for weight reducers, but not sleeping, Yes! The latest research of Medical Science tells that while sleeping our body releases much fat. According to the research of “Internal Medicine” the body releases less fat of the people who take average 8.5 hours of sleep as compared to people who sleep 5.5 hours. After the experiment made on weighty people, it was revealed that more fat was released by people who slept more hours and when researchers reduces the time span of sleep to three hours, the fat also released less.

The researchers say that because the stages of sleep affects on “Ghrelin”. Be ware that this hormone increases appetite and maintain the level of fat in the body. You will never desire to motivate this hormone when reducing your weight. The researchers say that lack of sleep increases the level of “Ghrelin” which affects reduction in weight. Therefore, keep work out of your brain in the night. Late comers should curse on the T.V. shows and should drown themselves in the valley of deep sleep while shutting their eyes. This is rather easier way of reducing weight than dieting and exercising.

What Statistics Say?

When you are turning restlessly in the bed at 3:00 p.m. or gazing the ceiling fan, it is likely that your mind would never have diverted on the following statistics. But we can guarantee you to the extent that you are not alone in the world facing this situation.

  • Today’s people sleep is 20% less than people of 100 years ago.
  • The 30% population of the world is facing lack of sleep problem.
  • Every one person out of three faces this kind of situation at least once in his lifetime.
  • The half of the world population is a victim of lack of sleep due to tension and anxiety.
  • 40 to 60% people of more than 60 years of age are victim of lack of sleep.
  • 90 % of depressive people complain lack of sleep.
  • Victim of lack of sleep people are inclined towards fatness. 

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