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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Brief Introduction on Vitiligo – A Skin Disease

Use of Antiseptic Soap or Beauty Cream is dangerous without the prescription of a Skin Specialist

People having Vitiligo face tremendous social and psychological difficulties. In this disease white stains are put on the skin. Most of the people think that this disease is not treatable, which is absolutely wrong. As skin diseases are apparent on the body, therefore, skin affected people have to face tremendous social and psychological issues. Sometimes there psychological condition deteriorates so much that they start thinking about committing suicide.

Sometimes, skin affected people are terminated from their employment because many people believe that these diseases are contagious. You can now easily imagine what would be their feelings at that time?

Most of the misinformed or ignorant people believe that skin diseases are contagious, which is totally wrong conception. We can see many doctors and medical staff treating their skin affected patients in the hospitals but they are never caught by these diseases. It is also wrong assumption that if any of parents have Vitiligo, it can also be transferred to their children.

There are many kinds of Vitiligo. If there are 10% of Vitiligo stains on the face or body, it is treatable, and if they are present on more than 90% of body parts, its treatment is difficult. It is also worth mentioning that if there are stains of Vitiligo on belly, arms, face and eyes, there is a possibility of treatment but 100% guaranteed treatment has not been discovered yet. Treatment is also difficult if stains are present on lips, bony parts of a body for e.g. on hands, fingers etc.

Many self-taught people or quacks claims that they can treat Vitiligo 100% for sure and advertise so cleverly that innocent people get caught into their net. They only worsen the treatment of Vitiligo. However, there is no need of disappointment. We will see in the next paragraph, how it is treated.

Skin ointments and eating medicines are used for the treatment of Vitiligo. The latest and modern treatment of Vitiligo is carried out by Phototherapy. In phototherapy lamps of Ultraviolet Rays A and Ultraviolet Rays B are fixed that cast rays on the affected parts of the patient. Phototherapy is suggested to only those people who are not treated by medicines first. In case Phototherapy proves unaffected then Surgery is carried out, which is called Skin Grafting. The tragedy is that most of the people do not take skin diseases seriously; even they don’t consider them diseases and resultantly makes matters worst.

The most common skin diseases are Vitiligo, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosocea, Epidemic Scabies, pimples and boils etc. Epidemic scabies and boils are commonly found in lower classes. The main reasons for it are lack of awareness, unsatisfactory cleanliness conditions and procrastination in the treatment etc.

Allergy is that condition where skin becomes sensitive and develops redness which leads to itching. Allergy can be caused by many things for instance, many people feel allergy from Sunlight, metals, Jewelry, leather shoes, plastic utensils etc. Canvas shoes are suggested to people who feel allergy by leather shoes.

Most of the people have self-extracted thoughts about skin diseases or advertising companies have also misguided many people. For instance, if skin develops any kind of allergy or boils, people immediately start using antiseptic soaps. Advertising companies also tell the same thing to people, whereas skin specialist always suggest stopping of every kind of antiseptic soap usages and emphasize on using oil based soaps.

There is another wrong assumption that skin diseases are caused by germs. Remember, most of the skin diseases have no relation with germs. In this context, the usage of antiseptic soap only exhilarates the disease, since it removes the natural moisture of the skin.  For instance in case of Eczema, the usage of antiseptic exhilarates the disease.

Another wrong assumption is that Vitiligio is caused by wrong selection of foods for e.g. many people believe that Vitiligio is caused if milk is taken just after eating fish. Conversely, the real reason of Vitiligio is disturbance in the resistance power, which kills the skin color making cells.

In children Fungal Infection is very common in which small stains are developed on the head due to dandruff. The hair falls from the affected parts. Besides, in small children white marks are developed on the face, which is a kind of Eczema, which many people think the deficiency of Calcium. It is also a wrong assumption.

Seasons are also the cause of skin diseases. In winter, the Eczema problems are on the higher side, because the skin becomes dry due to reduction in body moisture, whereas in summer season bacterial infection cause many skin problems.

Women are more cautious about the beauty of their face comparatively to men. Therefore, they are worried about pimples on the face, Acne, blotching, stains etc. but many women who are fond of making their face white, normally deformed their faces by the usage of advertising creams. Remember, the steroids present in these creams may whiten the face temporarily but their usage makes the skin soft and hair also grows on the face. There is no such medicine that can change the natural color of the skin but color can be improved by proper care. The freckles and the presence of hairs on the face of women can be treated by laser.

Cosmetology is a kind of Dermatology. Aging marks can also be removed by the help of Botox, Fillers and Lasers. Many centers of Botox and Lasers have been opened everywhere, where unqualified people (having M.B.B.S. Degree and few diplomas) are using this technology on people, which can be dangerous. Only qualified dermatologist can use these technologies successfully.

In conclusion, do not leave the skin wet after bathing, since germs breed only in moisture. Sprinkle face power between empty spaces of feet and hand fingers to remove the risk of fungal infection. Avoid using of antiseptic soap on your skin and take proper care of cleanliness.

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