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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Fatness Disease Has Been Doubled During the Last 30 Years in the World

A new thing that comes up in a new research is that since 1980, the fatness disease has been doubled in the world. However another same kind of research shows that the people of wealthier countries are however succeeding in controlling their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

This varied picture of health comes up by three studies that were published in a health magazine “Lanse” According to them whatever harms in European countries that fatness is causing are being overcome by the usage of medicines to some extent. However, fatness is still a bigger problem in almost all parts of the world.

According to the studies of 2008 the 10% men and 14% women of the world was the victim of fatness, whereas in 1980 this ratio was 5% in men and 8% in women, which means that in nearly 30 years fatness disease doubled in the world.

In few islands of Atlantic Ocean the body mass index (BMI) of people that means the measurement attained by the ratio of their height and weight was found around 34 to 35, whereas the people of more than 30 BMI are considered obese.

Among richer countries like in America the BMI of people has reached to 28 on average that means they are entering into the category of obese people. The ratio of obese people in New Zealand and Australia has been raised to greater extents too. If we talk about Europe women from Turkey and men from Democratic Czechoslovakia are considered among the highest BMI countries.

If we talk about Blood Pressure, then South Korea, Cambodia, Australia, Canada and America are the lowest blood pressure affected countries, whereas the higher blood pressure is of the people of Portugal, Finland and Norway. The blood pressure level is also higher in Africa and Balkan.

If we talk about Cholesterol then in Western Europe especially in Greenland, Iceland and Germany its ratio is on the highest side, whereas in Africa it is very low. Among richer countries, the lowest levels are in America, Canada and Sweden.

The professor of Imperial College London and the senior author of teaching obesity, Mr. Majid Ezati says that it is very strange thing that many countries have been succeeded in controlling Cholesterol and Blood Pressure but BMI is still constantly rising there.

As richer countries have reduced the usage of salt and increased the usage of healthy oils, likewise they can also bring further betterment in treatment by screening; that can reduce the risk factors associated to this disease.

On the other hand Mr. Laurance J. Checkson, the director of John Hopkins Weight Management Centre says that although Diabetes can be controlled by the usage of medicines and employing some other ways but obesity should also be controlled since it is the root of Diabetes. He further said that it would not be wrong if we say obesity as the mother of all the diseases, since the diseases of heart, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and other similar fatal diseases are the result of obesity.

He added that it is not at all right to say that we as a person or as a nation cannot do much to control obesity. We are not becoming obese because there is some change coming in our gene but if we think on our food supply, environment and style of living, we can easily understand the reasons of our obesity.

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