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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Presence of Cat or Cockroaches in the House can Spread Asthma

The use of Inhaler is not last rather basic treatment.
The way of living and genetics are the basic reasons for this disease.

Three Million people all over the world are the victim of Asthma. Climate change, environmental pollution and sub-standard way of living are the big causes of Asthma. Asthma is one of those diseases that are common in the world. Due to hindrance in the respiratory tract, the wheezing sound is heard while breathing, which is among the important symptoms of Asthma.

There are two types of pains in Asthma, which includes firstly soreness in the respiratory track and secondly shrinking in the muscles of the respiratory track. The Asthma disease does not finish completely. Its symptoms and attack reveals by fits and starts. People who takes medicines regularly and abide by the doctor’s treatment, feel wellness in the lungs and their Asthma attacks reduces, whereas we cannot deny the importance of Inhaler in case of emergency.

Smoking, Pollution, Dust, Traffic Smoke and the excretion of cockroaches found in offices and homes are some important reason of this fatal disease. It is required to provide the Inhaler or pumps for the patients in all the hospitals and awareness should be developed that the use of Inhaler is more beneficial for them. It should be noticed that the Asthma World Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of May every year.


Basically, Asthma is a disease of respiratory track. There is a thin membrane in the tract and due to soreness, its muscles becomes strict and wheezing sound is heard while taking breath out. Therefore, patient feels great difficulty in breathing. It is difficult to tell its causes for sure but there are three important factors that can cause Asthma. First is genetically, if any one of the parents has Asthma, there are 20% chances of Asthma in the child and if both parents have Asthma, there are 40% chances of Asthma in the child. Second cause is lifestyle.

These days the uses of blinds, sofas and carpets have been increased drastically due to luxurious lifestyle. Much dust and dirt is accumulated in the closed rooms and when children play and walk in these rooms, there respiratory track becomes sensitive. In Medical terminology such goods are called “Allergen”. If sneezing occurs due to dirt, dust or aroma then this is due to Allergen. Likewise if somebody smokes in front of the pregnant mother or if mother smokes herself, the Asthma possibilities increases in a child too. One more thing that is necessary to mention is the environment of working places. Those people who works in Bakery, on Saw Machine, in Mills or on blanket or
Quilt factories, the possibilities of Asthma increase in them. In medical terminology it is called “Work Related Asthma”.

Normal concept is that it is a contagious but in reality it is not so rather it is a disease of genetics which prevails from parent’s blood.According to a research report this disease is mostly common in children and approximately 10% children and 5% elders are patient of Asthma.

The people who are the victim of nose or skin allergy, the possibilities of Asthma increases in them, therefore, they should keep a check on cold and flu.


Basically, there are three important symptoms of Asthma, Coughing, puffing of breath and wheezing sound while breathing. It is not essential that all the three symptoms are found in any patient at a time. If any one symptom occurs repeatedly with breaks, it should be presumed the hint of Asthma. Majority of patients and doctors think that unless the patient is breathing like piston, he does not have Asthma. Majority of people goes to the doctor having cough complain that can be due to Asthma.

The blood test and X-Rays are not very much beneficial in the diagnosis of Asthma but the respiratory test is essential. This is carried out by a common instrument called Peak Flow Meter. The hindrance of respiration is measured by means of it. This small instrument not only helps in diagnosing but also in measuring the severity of Asthma, simultaneously it also tells how much extent medicines are proving fruitful in its cure.

But, unfortunately, majority of doctors do not keep this instrument in their clinics. As fever without thermometer, blood pressure without blood pressure measuring instrument, the quantity of sugar in the blood without Glucometer cannot be measured; likewise the diagnosis and severity of Asthma cannot be measured without Peak Flow Meter. Every doctor should keep this instrument in his clinic. It is also not costly. You can get it in 8 to 9 dollars easily.


As far as treatment is concerned majority of people think that Asthma is a disease that goes with the death and this is a fact that Asthma is an everlasting disease. Often patients leave treatment on recovering from Asthma which raises complexities.  The patient and his family members should continue treatment until doctor says. The treatment of Asthma is carried out by two types of medicines. One type of treatment is for immediate recovery from pain and second for the long term prevention from the disease. The first type of medicine should be used in severe pain while second one should be used until doctor forbids. The regular use of these medicines reduces fists. In countries where these medicines are used in abundance, it has been noticed that rate of death has been decreased considerably.

These medicines are in the shape of tablets, syrups and injections but for Asthma the best use of these medicines are in the shape of inhaler or respiratory pump, since by the use of pump the medicine treats at the same place where there is pain. The very little amount of this medicine shows its affects and there are no side effects of it as well.

Men and Women with a little difference are almost equally victims of Asthma. It is a misconception in the minds of people that usage of milk and rice is prohibited in Asthma, whereas this is a myth and in reality milk and rice do not create phlegm rather phlegm is made by dust and dirt.

Pets and birds can also cause Asthma to people; especially cat is considered its big cause, since harmful proteins are extracted from its skin. Likewise the presence of cockroaches can also cause Asthma.


First of all if you have a doubt of Asthma, authentic doctor should be consulted immediately. Restrain from those doctors who claim guaranteed recovery, because Asthma can never be treated completely. One should abstain from factors that cause Asthma. Among these factors smoking comes on top. Do not smoke yourself or allow anybody to smoke in front of you. Refrain from the use of coils, mosquito spray and use of pastels in the closed rooms. In Air-conditioned rooms the possibilities of the presence of Fungus is quite high. Asthma can also be caused by it. That’s why houses should be prevented from Fungus and cockroaches which excretion is another cause of Asthma.

There are some foods and drinks that cause Asthma that includes saccharine and cola drinks. The research experts say about these drinks that some color and chemicals are mixed in these drinks and they are kept in Tins for the long periods in order to avoid staleness. Constant usage of these things can also cause Asthma and therefore should be avoided. Likewise, patients should use medicines regularly until doctor forbids. Do not leave the treatment incomplete. By following these preventive measures, one can save himself from Asthma.

Non certified doctors have advertised much about the treatment of Asthma through vaccination but this way of treatment is not only dangerous but also costly and majority of patients do not recover from it. Therefore, it is better to avoid this way of treatment.

The theme of this year is “You can also control Asthma yourself”. Keeping in view this motto I must say where there is a will there is a way. Do not get frightened in case you become victimized of Asthma rather treat it regularly and abide by the preventive measures strictly. In this way patient can recover soon and pass life like normal people. I must say that get as much knowledge about Asthma as you can, because the more knowledge you would have about Asthma, the sooner you would be able to control it.

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