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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dementia Can be Inherited

High blood pressure, excessive use of headache medicines, any brain injury, brain T.B., and working in tension are some of the important reasons of Dementia disease.

Forgetting sometimes anything, anybody’s name or location is a natural process but regular occurrences of these incidents are the symptoms of disease. Disorganization in life, too much responsibilities and work, worries, working like a robot where there is no presence of mind and some natural carelessness gives way to the disease of forgetfulness. With the rising age some diseases can take place but forgetfulness is a very torturing disease that creates social problems.

If the disease prolongs, mental abilities start depreciating and a person become deprive of making right decisions due to which his daily works and other life’s matters affect much. The brain cells of the affected person slowly and gradually keep on becoming useless along with the age and the time comes when he cannot even take care of himself.

In younger age, carelessness and sense of responsibility plays an important role in developing dementia, whereas in old age, high blood pressure makes the brain cells weak. Similarly excessive use of alcohol and laxatives also develops headaches and disturbance in memory. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 and folic acid are also its big reason, whereas contagious diseases that affect the spinal cord, working in depression and tension can become the causes of forgetfulness.

In few people this disease is inherited. In the beginning a person forgets the events occurred in the near past but he remembers well the old events. That’s why a patient can be doubted in the beginning of diseases. In this disease patient forgets after saying something or keeping thing at some place, forgets after eating food and thus demand for food again and again. In the severity of disease, the patient forgets the name of relatives, even the numbers and names of his children. He tries to tell the numbers of children counting on fingers.

The majority of patients become the target of society’s ridicule and mockery. It is essential that the place of surrounding things of the patient should not be changed. A minor change in the room can create problems for them. For instance the place of cupboard or changing the order of things in the cupboard can put patient into trouble.

Similarly, married children are always desirous of taking their parents to their homes for a month or two. This change of environment creates great difficulty for the dementia people. They feel difficulty in sleeping, working, walking, bathing etc., and if everything like sleeping, working, eating, visiting etc would be performed at the specific timings the patient feels relief.

In some instances the dementia patients are left alone, which is absolutely wrong, this way patient feels him lonely and can get into depression.

Some works should be given to them regularly for e.g. make them play carom board, ludo or chess etc. Making them read the newspaper, magazines, providing entertainment through radio, television etc., is good for their health. Engage them in the care of flowers and plants, if there is no lawn in the house, make them practice of putting fertilizer in the pot and sowing wheat seeds in it, this has been proved best practice for the dementia patients.

 The mental condition of dementia people is similar to children. Therefore, they need much affection, love and care. Thus, considering such people as children and treating them like children is great, whereas, anger, irritation, intolerance, cursing, insult can be destructive. Similarly, criticism and arguments is also harmful for such patients. In severity of diseases the memory of the patient deteriorates so much that if they happened to go out, they even forget the way back to their homes. Therefore, whenever they go out, some family member must accompany them. Along with milk, suitable diet, dry fruits, folic acid and B12, love and affection, care, service and supervision is the best and simple treatment of oblivious people than can enable them passing a happy and pleasurable life.

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