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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Less work, More Benefit

The food that we buy from stores consists of many chemicals. We should also use such diet which is absorbable, can be chewed easily and enhance our health by giving us energy, but we kill the real nutrients which are essential for keeping us alive and providing health by cooking food much, on the other hand raw vegetables, fruit and beans are absolutely suitable for human body.

There are many benefits of fresh fruit, vegetables and beans. There usage saves us from many diseases such as diabetes, pimples, waist ache, neck and joint ache, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe Alzheimer, high blood pressure, depression, recklessness, despair, skin diseases, fatigue and cancer etc. One of its great advantages for women is that they enhance their beauty. Their usage makes skin shiny, tender, hairs bright, eyes sharp and healthy and body fit. Freshness and liveliness comes on the face and women look younger than their age.  

Raw food keeps best balance of water, food and fiber, which is absolutely necessary for body. They have their own natural taste. They can reduce the acidity of salts, sugar, spices, pickle, sauce etc. Besides, less time is required for their preparation and its rather easier cleaning the kitchen after their preparation.

Therefore, in summer when you do not like to step into the kitchen, it is better you should pay heed to this clean and healthy diet rather standing up in kitchen for hours. They are not only comparatively cheaper but they also save you from the bills of doctors and many health problems.

The diet experts suggest that you should start replacing your diet after the doctor’s advice. It should be kept in mind that for durable results this change should be gradually, so that digestive system starts accepting it. In the beginning it would not be easier for you to eat them. You many also feel great irritation. The best way is that first two days you should take 2% of fruits and vegetables in their real form daily. Then increase it to 10%.

This way you can change 50% in five days. It is suggested to take 100% raw food 2 days in a month, when you have to make do the whole day only on shakes and vegetables. It takes time for the taste sense to accept different styles and setting up a routine. Therefore, if any person decides changing the diet, he should be very cautious.

Some health experts also suggest alternate ways such as not taking of anything before noon except raw and fresh fruits, vegetables or beans etc and then keeping the same routine as usual for the rest of the day. Once you are habitual of this routine then your can think supplementing some other diet with it.

Meat, which is full of proteins requires acidic environment in order to digest completely. Likewise things having starch (Potato etc) needs totally different environment for digestion and when these two totally different and opposite kinds unite in the stomach, the digestive system becomes weak and slow, which can invite many stomach diseases.

Therefore, in order to keep safe from diseases prefer taking fruits an empty stomach. Make a menu that consists of Protein and more vegetables or starch and more vegetables. Make 3 to 4 hours break certain between two eating times so that diet can be digested fully.

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