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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anybody Can be Victimized of Cystitis

The patients of cystitis should drink enough water. 

Practicing the basic rules of health and cleanliness, one can keep himself safe from this chronic disease
In medical terminology the inflammation of urinary bladder is called cystitis. This inflammation occurs due to bacterial germ infection which is more common in women as compared to men.

According to the experts every second woman of the world becomes its victim twice in a life time. There is no age fixed getting victimized of this disease, but normally people less than 40 years of age are found suffering from this disease.

The most important thing in this respect is that this disease is ignored in the initial stages, thus it becomes acute and the treatment becomes rather difficult because the disease attacks again and again and thus creates several complexities. Therefore, it must be bear in mind that as soon as the symptoms of disease are apparent in any man or woman, they should consult the doctor without any delay and get rid of this disease immediately, since delay can become the cause of regret.

The reason of disease is infection but different germ can also become the cause of this disease. An “Ascharachiacolai bacterium” is the cause of this disease in 70% patients.  The germ entering from urethra into the bladder and becomes the reason of disease. It should be remembered that bladder is also an important organ like other organs, which is situated at the lower part of abdomen on the front side little bit below the navel.

Urine gathers in the bladder passing through the ureter drop by drop falling from the kidneys and when bladder gets full, a person naturally feels the need of passing urine out of the body through urethra. This is a specific act, which carries out normally but when bladder is infected, this natural mechanism gets affected and its routine obstructed.

In the symptoms of this disease patient feels the need of passing urine again and again. Even after emptying the bladder, the desire of passing urine remains. This condition occurs due to Tetanus in the infectious muscular walls of the bladder. Patient feels a little bit of irritation while passing urine and pain at the point of bladder because due to inflammation urine becomes very much acidic and while passing it is a very painful act.

Sometimes patient pass smelling urine and sometimes there is mixture of blood and pus in the urine. In the severe attack of disease a person suffers from cold and high fever and shivering take over him. These are the specific symptoms, due to which diagnosing of the disease is not difficult. Besides, the microscopic examination of Urine is also very beneficial in the diagnosis of the disease. Another test of urine which is called culture and sensitivity test makes the diagnosis quite easier. In this test, the urine of a patient is sent to laboratory in a clean bottle, the result of which is received in 48 hours that inform us about the specific germs that is the cause of disease.
Further the choice of effective anti-bacterial medicine is also proved helpful, as far as the reason of disease is concerned, there is not any specific reason of this disease. Among many reasons any one attack can be the start of disease. In few people the wrong way of cleanliness after passing of wastage in the toilet becomes the reason, whereas in few people the excessive use of tea, coffee and alcohol become the reason.

Besides, the Nylon underwear, washing of clothes especially under garments with a chemically treated washing powder can exhilarate the disease. Besides, it can also be due to the infection in the surrounding organs. For instance Gonorrhea, inflammation of the prostate gland, narrowness of urinary tract, tilting of womb from its place, presence of stones in the bladder can also become the cause of this disease.

It is necessary, consulting a qualified doctor for the treatment because the correct diagnosis and prescription of effective medicines can only be carried out by an authorized doctor. Consulting a quack at this stage is equal to suicide. Treatment from a quack can make this disease more complicated.

Unfortunately, if anybody gets caught of this disease, the best way of handling it is to drinking a lot of water. Certainly patient will think that by drinking excessive water he will pass more urine and he thus have to go through this painful condition again and again, which the patient of cystitis has to face while passing urine, but the reality is absolutely against it. The excessive use of water reduces the pain and irritation because Urine becomes acidic in this disease. The little amount of acidic urine cause great pain and in order to get rid of this pain bladder instigates the desire of passing urine again and again.

Therefore, excessive use of water reduces the acidity in the urine due to which the intensity of pain and irritation also reduces. Besides, the best trick of saving from disease is to adopt precautionary measures. You must have heard “Prevention is better than cure”. Health is a unique blessing of God. Only a patient can realize its true value. What a wonderful saying somebody has said, “Health is that crown on the head of a healthy person that only sick person can see.” Therefore, by adopting preventive measures and abiding by the basic health and cleanliness rules, one can save himself from the burden of treatment and pains of the disease.

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