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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bathing --- General Health Warranty

In summer season, 3 to 4 times bathing is also beneficial.
Increase the use of fountain; abstain from bathing immediately after meals.

Cleanliness is half faith. Bathing plays an important role in this respect. Further, it is also an important medium of keeping the general health. Health experts, think it as an important medium of protection from diseases and keeping the health up.

Bathing has different kinds for instance, bathing with pure natural water, with medicine mixed water and with steam etc. Bathing according to the skin temperature, creates tranquility in the disposition, whereas bathing with cold and hot water also mobilizes the body. It is important to know about the useful effects of bathing on general health, energetic effects on skin, and duties of skin.

Skin is not only covering our body but also providing beauty. It also performs the duty of our body parts safety including heart, lungs, kidneys and intestines etc. Further, besides keeping the performance of heart, and lungs in balance, it also excretes waste matters, keeps the body temperature moderate, it is also wealthy with the feeling of sense. In other words it is helpful in all the life generating activities. Therefore, it is utmost important taking care of its cleanliness and health.

The most important work of skin is the excretion of waste minerals and waste matters from the body in the shape of perspiration. People who do not bath, a layer is made on their bodies made of oily fluid excreted with perspiration, dust and germ present in the air, due to which unbearable smell comes out from the body. Besides, skin gets broken at many places due to itching and inflammation.

In order to prevent this unbearable smell, keeping the temperature normal and for the excretion of waste matters it is important taking bath two to three times or at least once daily. There is a possibility of closing the mouth of glands that excretes perspiration and oil which afterwards can develop into pimples and boils due to not bathing.

In summer the skin glands are more active to keep the temperature of the body normal. In such condition 2 to 3 times bathing can also be carried out daily. In winter when these glands are less active for the shortage of moisture in the air and therefore, daily once or in case of severe cold in alternate days bathing should be carried out in order to prevent the body temperature from falling and preventing skin from skin dandruff.

Similarly in winter, usage of soap should be decreased. In this season, excessive use of soap can develop skin dandruff and inflammation. For bathing, usage of fountain is the best medium. It is an important medium of keeping the whole body clean and providing freshness to the skin. After bathing also put some cold water on the skin and then rub the whole body thoroughly with dry towel. This action produces pleasurable effects on the body and skin gets energy as well.

This act is also an important medium of preventing from catarrh and flu, whereas bathing with slightly hot water produces soothing effects on the tense nerves and tired muscles. The bathing with slightly hot water before going to sleep is also helpful.

In case of pain in the thighs, hips and lower parts of the body, sitting in the slightly hot water is also beneficial. It proves helpful in anal inflammation, external piles and in urine pain. Bandages of cold water should be applied on forehead, hands and feet for reducing high fever, whereas bathing immediately after meal is injurious to health. Prevention should also be taken to bath with very hot and very cold water.

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