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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skin Diseases of Eyes

Among many reasons allergy, velvet prayer sheet, nail polish, artificial colors, usage of jewelry and pollen season are top most reasons for skin diseases of eyes

Normally everybody faces various eyes’ pains in daily life. These are being discussed here briefly so that they can be prevented well as a first aid, because prevention is hundred times better than cure. In this respect we will first discuss about allergy or sensitivity which is very common. Among external factors, environmental pollution, mental and physical tension, fatigue and presence of minute dust mites in the carpets not only becomes the reason of allergy and inflammation in the eyes but constant catarrh and fits of cough during night and breathing pains are also up front in this regard.

Presence of thick curtains also becomes the reason of dust mites, therefore never use prayer sheet made of velvet. It would be better if simple nylon mat is used for praying, which prevents nose and eyes allergy. In order to be safe from sunlight and air, it would be better using proper colored glasses (that can absorb sunlight).

By using different kinds of cosmetics for e.g. nail polish etc can also cause inflammation on the eyelids which is ignored by majority of people. Sprays used on body and hair are also a big cause of allergy. In some people plants are also a cause of allergy. In artificial jewelry, there is nickel, chrome, therefore, they not only become the cause of body allergy but also create itching and inflammation on the external lids of eyes, whereas hair color, henna powder can also cause allergy. People working in the parlor can also get caught of any allergy, besides hands allergy, due to sensitivity of face and eyes.

People suffering from by birth Eczema (Atopic) are specifically affects much due to eyes sensitivity. Normally a constant line of inflammation is created below the eyes of these people. Due to constant itching, eyes become deprived of lashes and become inflammatory.

Such people are much affected with Hay fever. In this condition, redness appears suddenly in the eyes and water starts flowing from nose and eyes. They sneeze much, then suddenly this fits ends up and eyes become normal again. The attack of this disease occurs much during pollination season, i.e. during the flying of pollen grains through air from one place to another.

During the same process the presence of pollens in the air becomes the reason of catarrh, flu (Hay Fever). But this fits attack is temporary and recovered soon after taking anti allergic medicines.

Test for the presence of IGE and Oesinophils in the blood of Atopic people (chronic Eczema or Asthma patients) is found helpful. In Atopic people, a folding line is often found under the lower lip of eyes, which is an important symptom of by birth Eczema.

Other reasons of eyelids’ inflammation should also be kept in mind, which are developed due to the disturbance in thyroid kidneys but its treatment is possible with the help of proper test. The easiest and simplest among them all is the normal test of urine. The clues sought by this simple test are proved very much beneficial.

Seborrheic Eczema is very common. This condition is also called dandruff in the head, which is a very common disease. The falling dandruff from the head affects eyelashes, eyebrows, face, back and chest and becomes the reason of itching, redness and pain at these places.

In this condition eyes become red and a layer of dandruff sticks on the eye lashes, which afterwards cause itching and infection and small boils are grown. In severe conditions the patients cannot open eyes after waking in the morning due to their stickiness. Thin peels are gathered on the eyelashes and being affected sometimes eyelashes fall down. This condition becomes severe due to mental tension, physical fatigue and sunlight.

In hot countries, especially in summer season and a little change in the climate can also produce this condition, as a result pimples, wounds and red peels get apparent on the line of eye lashes. This is a secondary condition of dandruff and in this skin demands treatment and care.

For e.g. washing of eye lashes with closed eyes with any baby shampoo and further eyes should be washed 3 or 4 times in a day with a wet, clean and soft cloth in order to overcome dandruff. The best treatment of this disease is shampooing the hair daily and regularly, but only the use of baby lotion is not enough.

Finally, the most common condition is the epidemic eye pain, in which many people get affected at the same time. In this condition redness and pain occurs in the eyes and sunlight is felt too much irritating. Usage of black colored glasses is useful for its cure. Since, it is a contagious disease; therefore, towel of the patient should be separated from other people’s towel. When a yellowish like matter starts gathering in the eyes and eyes get stick together, in this condition eyes should be washed many times with water in a day and any anti-germinal drops or cream should be applied in the eyes until cured.
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