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Monday, September 9, 2013

Arthritis Natural Treatment

Arthritis is a disease that cause acute joints pain and the soreness of this devastating disease may lead to constant pain in one or many joints at a time. There are many reasons for becoming the victim of arthritis and is also related with age. It may be caused due to infection in the joints that may be the result of any destructive injury. 

Among many kinds of Arthritis, osteoarthritis, which is also commonly known as degenerative joint ailment, sore psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most identified ones. All of these types of arthritis are being treated by conventional medications even then there are many victimized people who look for natural treatment of arthritis.

Choosing an alternate natural arthritis treatment

People who find it difficult to engulf medicines are ones who very commonly search for an alternate natural arthritis treatment. Fortunately, there are many alternate natural treatments available. These include treatment with rubbing, warm baths, massage, relaxation, intake of healthy diet with fruits and vegetables and drinking of excessive water and many other ways are used for curing arthritis naturally. Fresh carrot juice can be very helpful in curing arthritis. However, it depends on the gravity of ailment, which method you use for your natural treatment of arthritis. Your therapist can also guide you well in this respect.

Diet for treating arthritis

Various types of diet plans can be used in order to treat arthritis pain in a natural way. Some foods are considered the most effective in getting rid of joints pain for e.g. if you mix apple, vinegar or bananas with honey and warm water, it will gives you relief from the joint's pain naturally. The cloves of fried garlic mixed in butter also serve the same purpose.

In this respect, if carrot juice is taken once is 24 hours along with lemon juice in equal quantities, you will be able to get rid of chronic pain of joints remarkably. Fish that are rich in oil such as salmon, sardines, tuna, herring, halibut etc., are also the best natural solution of acute joints pain.

People who want to get rid of arthritis joint pains in a natural way must use legumes, cauliflower, citrus fruit, grains, raspberries on regular basis. All the above foods are considered the best alternate of traditional medicinal treatments of arthritis joint pains.


Suitable exercising

Since, intake of diet enrich in Vitamin D and C heal your joint pains to great extents, but it can be more than helpful if you also start doing some exercises that suits you. Aquatic exercises are considered helpful such as doing aquatic aerobics or swimming.

On the other hand Yoga exercises will also help you relief from acute pain and additionally they will help you in providing strength and flexibility. However, it is recommended consulting your doctor for the prescription of suitable exercises for you.

Usage of oils for massaging

There are many oils like olive oil, eucalyptus or camphor etc., if massaged mixing with menthol, gives tremendous relief to the patients who are suffering from acute arthritis joints pains. Likewise, ice and heat packs are also equally beneficial curing hard joints pain.

It is advisable to patients who want to treat their arthritis joint pains with alternate natural ways, should research for extensive data on the subject of treating arthritis naturally and must seek advice from the related therapist before going for any natural remedy.

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