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Monday, September 9, 2013

Fundamental Rules for the Protection and Safety of Your Skin

Skin is an important part of our body. The foremost rule for its protection is that it should be touched minimally and taken care of specifically. Select good quality lotions and soap. The available soaps in the market are made up of chemicals and essence, which are not at all beneficial.
Only that soap is beneficial, which have no chemical ingredients or in a very limited quantity because such a soap does not harm the skin. The women, who have dry skin, should use such soap, which have large quantity of glycerin in it, so that skin can get slipperiness. Similarly, it is not appropriate to make loathes of soap and rub excessively. The better way is to rub your face with soap and wash gently with water.

Likewise, sprinkling of water on the face improves the internal flow of the skin and face starts to glow. Never rub your face aggressively with towel. Washing of hands and face 5-6 times in a day does not destroy the natural oiliness of the face.

The usage of Sun Block is very beneficial for keeping the skin healthy. It would be better, if it is made an essential part of life. Try, your Sun Block should be suggested by a skin specialist. In winter season and in a humid climate, the skin affects adversely as with sunlight in summer.

People living in mountainous or dry areas should take special care of their skin because their skin affects much in winter. Besides, the affects of climate, another big reason is that water is drunk less in this season, whereas the hot drinks like coffee or tea are taken much. These drinks cause to reduce the water volume in a body, which additionally cause the skin turn out to be black and dry.
In winter, if the usage of seasonal fruits especially of oranges, strawberries etc are increased, it is very beneficial for the health of a skin because they are full of Vitamin C, E and water.

In conclusion, cleaning of skin with an appropriate product, always examining of skin by a skin specialist (who suggests medicines or cleaners according to the type of skin) and safety from sunlight is important.

Further, usage of meat, fruits and vegetables for getting proteins and almonds, olive and fish oil for getting omega fatty acids are the best ways for the protection and safety of skin.

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The above information has been taken from several sources such as

Note: The above information is only for informational purposes and should not be taken as Medical Advice by any mean. It is always safe to consult your Physician first before acting upon any of the piece of advice given above.

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