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Monday, September 9, 2013

How Diseases Can be Cured in Children

Simple way of living, abiding health rules strictly, following religious principles firmly, making houses airy in order to save children from pollution, implementing tidiness system in a community, taking of balanced and better food, washing of hands before taking meals, provision of pure water to people, boiling of impure water while keeping other water away are few most important things for reducing or curing diseases. If we all work collectively, we can save ourselves from diseases.

Mother feeding is the best way to save children from diseases. It is a complete nutritious meal, which have natural resistance power. Feed children with only mother milk till six months from birth and children should not be brought to any other kind of food during this period. After six months, mother milk should be fed as a part with other food. There is one more misconception among people that in this age (without teeth) a child cannot eat solid food and that his stomach is weaker and soft, thus keeping child away from fruits, vegetables and meat.

On the contrary, he should also be fed fruits, vegetables, meat and other food, but it should be kept in mind that food should be fed after making soft. Often parents in excessive love feed children with packaged drinks, colorful toffees, chocolates and other various kinds of marketed products. Chemicals present in these kinds of products affects negatively on their physical growth. Such products do not have minerals, which body needs badly, but child appetite vanishes due to their usage.

Resultantly their resistance power weakens. Preventive vaccinated course must be completed to children against diseases. Children can be saved from various contagious diseases by these preventive vaccines. Fortunately, due to progress in medical science, treatment of almost every disease is present now-a-days but we can save 9.7 millions valuable lives only after making prevention certain from diseases!!

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Note: The above information has been taken from a Medical Journal and it is only for informational purposes and should not be taken as Medical Advice by any mean. It is always safe to consult your Physician first before acting upon any of the piece of advice given above.


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