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Monday, September 9, 2013

Nails, Skin, Heels - Easy Solutions to General Health Problems

We have to face some general health problems related to skin daily. For instance a woman asked a question that her age is 45 and she has been feeling that her skin has been becoming drier for some years, whereas she has not changed his soap, what is its reason? The answer to her questions will be that the correct selection of soap is of basic importance in regard to skin health.

It should be clear that skin is of three types and i.e. dry, silky and normal. No matter what type of skin do you have but the important point is that you should choose the correct soap that suits your skin.

What actually happens is that the soap that remained in your usage at the time when your skin was normal should have been replaced according to the change in skin. It has been observed that with the passage of time, your skin keeps on drying, whereas you keep using the same soap and therefore the aging of skin starts soon.

Therefore, you should use the soap, which is more moisturizing or you should also use some moisturizing cream after the washing of face. The second important point is that washing of face repeatedly also destroys the natural moisture of the skin and you start seeing aging earlier.


Then, there is another question that comes forward is "My hands are used in the water works like other women but my nails are dry and rough and often thin scales also drop out of them. Why is it so? The answer to this question is almost for everybody, especially for women who have to use water much they should keep the white petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on their wash basins. Rub this jelly every time after the usage of water. Further, before going to bed, slightly make your nails wet with water and rub jelly on them. Additionally, the usage of curd two times in a week is also beneficial.

There are some women who are very much anxious about their heels. Their heels looks awkward on seeing and due to dry air and in winter season the skin of the heels bursts and becomes rough. The treatment of it is that make a solution of petroleum jelly mixing with little glycerin and liquid paraffin, which is easily and cheaply available in the market. While going to bed, make your heels little wet with water and rub this solution on them.

The advice of making your skin wet with water is given because it provides a kind of hydration to the skin that means it provides moisture, which reaches even down to the solution and absorb in the inner layer of skin and is considered the best alternate to moisturizer.

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