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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Latest Research Alters the Traditional Belief that Serotonin is the Primary Cause of Depression

More and more latest researches are coming up every other day. Amongst them, the latest research about depressive disorders has shaken the customary faith that the production of serotonin plays a fundamental role in the condition of depression.  Interesting tests were carried out on mice and amazing results were found. Keep reading to know more about this interesting research!

 Latest researches have changed the traditional belief that insufficiency of Serotonin (a brain chemical that serves the purpose of a messenger) plays a fundamental role in creating behavioral changes like depression in human beings.  The researchers of the ACS Neuroscience Chemical Journal states that the experiments on the brains of mice that were ineligible to produce serotonin and that were traditionally marked as the depressed ones didn’t display any symptoms that prove they were in depression.

The students, lead by Donald Kuhn, of Wayne State University School of Medicine and John D. Dingell VA Medical Center observed that depression is the notified fundamental dilemma amongst the general public health issues.  In excess of three hundred and fifty million people, calculated approximately by the WHO undergo it and it’s declared to be amongst the foremost reason of disability in the whole world.
 The popular medicine of depression Prozac that was introduced in the later part of 1980s works basically by raising its quantity of Serotonin in the human brain. This was the reason that researchers tend to trust that the fundamental solution of depression is by increasing the levels of Serotonin in the brain. Similarly, many other medicines to take care of depression came into being that was all relying on the same basic idea.
However, by this time, the scientists are well aware that majority of people (60-70%) of people keep on feeling depressed, in spite of using these medicines.  The students of Donald Kuhn get started to find out the function of serotonin that it plays in the improvement of the patient’s depressive moods.
In order to carry out this, they made “Unconscious” mice whose brains were in short of the capability to generate serotonin. After that they performed various behavioral examinations on them.
Amusingly, the “Unconscious” mice were obsessive and tremendously violent, but they didn’t display symptoms of depression in them. One more amazing discovery is that the “Unconscious” mice acted in the similar manner majority of normal conscious mice did, at times they were put under strain.
The scientists declared that the above discoveries are perhaps the proofs that alone serotonin isn’t the fundamental cause of depression and several other causes are certainly concerned.  To sum up, they proposed that these findings may radically change as the research for fresh antidepressant medicines undergoes in the upcoming time.

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